Day 4

The organizers set up a circus tent and all of the librarians engaged in an extremely serious big top strategizing until midnight, after cycling all day. This is a dedicated group. Today we had a fantastic skype meeting with Buffy Hamilton and talked about participatory librarianship and art as knowledge production and knowledge production as art.

I recently learned that many cyclists share the understanding that day three is the toughest of any long journey. I found that to be true. I was also promised that day four is pure euphoria. I have also found that to be true.

The weather over the past two days has been sunny and glorious, and each day we are given topical themes at breakfast that we discuss along the ride. Today our job was to share ideas about future libraries: what they might look like and act like, what would be ideal, and what might be possible. The diversity and innovation of the group mirrored the rich landscape and the euphoric physicality of the tour, resulting in an incredibly productive think tank that meandered through cow pastures and around wind turbines. I am so excited to return to the Whittier Library and share what I have learned.

Sorry about the lag in posting, I have not had internet access for a few days. As I ride I have been thinking a lot about the children in Mrs. Austin’s kindergarten class who are reading this blog, and I wish they were in a side car attached to my bike. I guess this blog is like a virtual side car. Hi children! What are you reading? I came up with a couple of questions for you to think about. When I was in Switzerland I met a child who didn’t speak a word of English and we figured out fun games to play together using grass, chalk, and our voices. What games would you play if you met a child who didn’t speak your language? More soon; time to hop on the bike……

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2 Responses to Day 4

  1. Vicki & Gordon Rosenberg says:

    Katie —-so great to hear from you. It is exciting to read your blog and to cheer you on for a successful ride! Grandpa and I are adding our ! and love too so that you know we are thinking of you as per Mrs. Austin’s Kindergarten class. Go Katie!!!!
    love Granny and Grandpa

  2. Jeanne Herzog says:

    Here’s a letter for you from the Kindergarteners!

    Dear Katie,

    Thank you for sending a letter to us. We read your letter. We read Cat in the Hat, The Little Engine, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
    We would play hopscotch, bingo, play dough, make over, and silent bean bag.

    Thank you for making us happy.

    Mrs. Austin’s Class

    P.S. Can you visit us?

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