Cycling for Libraries


Cycling for libraries is a politically and economically independent international unconference and a bicycle tour starting from Copenhagen, Denmark to Berlin, Germany May 28. –June 6. 2011. The event takes place for the first time in 2011 in cooperation with the German, Danish and Finnish library professionals. The purpose of the Cycling for libraries is to gather a group of 100 library professionals all around the world together to cycle a total of approximately 650 kilometers and to discuss the strategic issues of the library field in seminars along the route. Cycling for libraries is an independent event, not organized by any existing formal organization. It is made possible by a sovereign, international network of library enthusiasts. Read more about the people

Cycling for libraries supports physical and mental well-being of library professionals, grassroots networking, and internationalism and — last but not least — the crucial role of libraries for the society and for the intellectual and scientific education in general. Cycling for libraries also supports environmental values and ecological way of life. Many values inherited from librarianship are present here: openness, liberalism, access to information, lifelong learning and innovativeness. Librarianship is also by it’s very nature humanist, internationalist, cross-boundary and concrete.

Event starts at the Danish National Library courtyard, and it ends to the 100th Deutsche Bibliothekartag! The German Library Conference takes place  from 7 to 10 June 2011 under the slogan “Libraries for the Future – Future for the Libraries”.


2 Responses to Cycling for Libraries

  1. mark oliver says:

    Katie just reading your blog, our libraries in Siskiyou County are almost shut down! The county has refused to fund them and each small town is looking for funding? Is there some info you can send me or something about this organization that I can give to some friends?



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