Dear G-D my new bike rocks

Like an unexpected valentine the post delivered to the wrong address and a benevolent neighbor brought over after an entire day spent looking for love in all the wrong places…. it miraculously appeared, and is lovely, fast, and cherry red.

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Five minutes on Danish soil and I’ve already proven myself as an information un-professional, accidentally writing my directions in Danish and somehow forgetting I don’t read Danish. After backtracking a couple of metro stops and dodging cyclists through cobblestone streets I managed to find the great hostel I made reservations at months ago back in Glassell Park. Unbelievable! I’m here! There are bike stores on every corner of this city; tomorrow I hope to find my trusty new compadre who is about to skip town forever. A bike with wanderlust in its gears, and is cute.

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Participants were asked to submit homework regarding library related issues or concerns they wish to address during Cycling for Libraries. Here’s what I came up with:

Production vs Marketing: Library Aesthetics in an Information Age

I am interested in exploring the “image” the library is “selling,” and developing alternative platforms to interface with the public, including library artist residencies and locally elected classification systems. Branding and marketing are popular approaches many libraries feel forced to adopt to stay competitive, keep their image fresh and relevant, and maintain funding. In an over-saturated ad culture where it is increasingly necessary for the recipient to tune out messages entirely, let’s use our medium, information, creatively. If we are losing patrons to the internet, in our strategizing to invite them back in, let’s consider what libraries offer which online searches don’t: physicality, qualia, architecture, politics, community, light, human guidance, local historical archives, public space, etc. Let’s utilize the challenge of relevance as a means for institutional innovation.

You can view the rest of the group’s responses here:

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Cycling for Libraries bike jerseys

I’m almost done painting my bike jerseys for the ride, my goal is to have one per day. The back of each shirt has a different quote from “Archives of Library Research from The Molesworth Institute.

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On Sunday I rode in CicLAvia with 130,000 Angelinos and the Cycling for Libraries Team LA. Miles of city roads were closed to drivers and cyclists took the place over. It was incredible! I didn’t see Lance Armstrong but I did see a woman biking with birds on her shoulders while towing a cage, a hearty dose of unicyclists, stilts, mods, fixies, skaters, and training wheels. A man in a head to toe skeleton outfit wearing jean shorts challenged me to a race. It was a truly amazing day. Here is a team photo taken on the 4th Street bridge.

meet Cycling for Libraries team Los Angeles

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LA River Ride

Here are a few pics from my bike ride along the LA River this afternoon. Looking at them on my computer makes me wish I had taken more. Its vastness and wildness is glorious, and there are so many animals everywhere.

I heart you LA River

The Bomb (Baum) Bicycle Bridge over Los Feliz Blvd

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Art show at the Los Banos Branch Library

Yesterday I hung an art exhibition with my friend Spencer at the Los Banos Branch Library in Central California. It is an amazing library and I am so excited to show work there! If you happen to find yourself in Los Banos please stop by, I think the show’s up for six weeks. Here is a pic of me and Spencer under my phone books weaving.

link to an article in the Los Banos Enterprise published Friday, April 8:

‘Phone Books’ speaks volumes on use of library

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